2019 Municipal calendar

The Township of Ocean would like to thank the following individuals for the contributions of photographs used in our 2019 calendar:


Fireworks during Ocean's Italian Festival at Joe Palaia Park photographed by Bill Senck.

A pair of red-tailed hawks who often perch atop the steeple of First United Methodist Church photographed by David Saunders.

The Stucile Farms Water Tower photographed by Peggy Dellinger.

Ocean Township Elementary School Art Show photographed by Alisa Aquino.

Children with Dog at Weltz Park photographed by Alisa Aquino

May - Joe Palaia Park Trail photographed by Michael Stewart.

September - House Fire photographed by Sean Edson.

September - Car Fire photographed by Nick Castellano.


2018 Municipal calendar

We would like to thank all of the individuals who submitted, provided or shared photographs that have been incorporated into our 2018 calendar, including (but not limited to):

Deputy Mayor Rob Acerra
Adrienne Becker
Bob Bortolameotti
Scott Brinkerhoff
Tom Caruso
Kenneth Lutz
Marion Lynch
Marlene Menjivar
Sharon Moleski
Ed Murachanian
Cathy Reu
Mayor Chris Siciliano
Margo Simpson
Lindsey Stevens
Don Stine
Lt. Tim Torchia
Paige Vac
Sharon Wombough