Key Contacts

The contacts below can be reached by calling 732-531-5000 and the extension below or other telephone number as indicated. Mayor and Council e-mails are checked periodically. For more immediate attention, please contact the appropriate Department Head for your situation:

Christopher  P. Siciliano
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Line:  732-531-5032

John P. Napolitani, Sr.
Deputy Mayor 
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail 732-897-6174

Robert V. Acerra, Sr.
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail:  732-897-6173

David Fisher
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail: 732-897-6171

Margie Donlon
Ext. 3320 or
Direct Voicemail: 732-897-6172

Michael F. Muscillo
Township Manager
Ext. 3310

Vincent G. Buttiglieri
Township Clerk/Deputy Tax Collector 
Ext. 3321

Ronald J. Kirk
Director of Community Development
Ext. 3350

Gloria Walker
Court Administrator

Stephen O. Gallagher
Director of Finance/Tax Collector 
Ext. 3330

Steven R. Peters
Chief of Police

Tom Crochet 
Director of Public Works
Ext. 3360 or

Tom Caruso 
Director of Emergency Management/
Director of Housing, Code and Clean Communities

Ext. 3378 or 3392

Ron Vigliotti
Construction Official
Ext. 3354

Judi Johnson 
Co-Director, Department of Human Services/
Recreation Director

Sharon Moleski
Co-Director, Department of Human Services

Jacob Nieman, CTA
Tax Assessor 
Ext. 3345

Tracey Berkowitz
Administrative Assistant to the Township Manager/Webmaster
Ext. 3312