Construction and Building Personnel

The Division of Construction and Building is located within the Department of Community Development. There are seven full-time and part-time employees in this division:

Ronald Vigliotti
Construction Official
Building Subcode Official
732-531-5000 extension 3354

Claire Vilanova
Certified Technical Assistant
    to the Construction Official
732-531-5000, ext. 3348

Regina Polisano
Certified Technical Assistant
732-531-5000, ext. 3353

Thomas Haege
Fire Subcode Official
732-531-5000, ext. 3382

Martin Tellekamp
Plumbing Subcode Official
732-531-5000, ext. 3355

Eric Sudia
Electrical Subcode Official
732-531-5000, ext. 3358

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Contact Information

Ronald J. Kirk, CPM, Director
732-531-5000 extension 3350