Project Extend

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Project Extend was established in 1985 with the cooperation of the Board of Education and the Department of Human Services of the Township of Ocean.  It is now administered solely through the Township of Ocean Recreation Office

The purpose of Project Extend is to provide enriching and affordable child care services for school age children, grades K-8, who are residents of the Township of Ocean and attend Township of Ocean public schools. The program employs qualified educators and aides who supervise a variety of activities to promote social interaction and safe fun for children.  During the summer months, Project Extend augments Summer Morning Recreation to provide a full day program.

Holiday Care

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Holiday Care is offered on the following school holidays:
2019/20 School Year

September 30
October 1, 9 & 14
November 7 & 8
December 23, 27 & 30

January 20
*February 14 & 17
April 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13
*June 5

Program takes place at the Ocean Township Elementary School at 555 Dow Ave.

*February and June programs will take place at Wayside Elementary School.


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