Snow Plowing Tips and Facts

The following are some tips and facts to help you better understand the snow removal process:
  • WHEN DOES PLOWING START?  Snow plows typically start the plowing process after 3 to 4 inches of snow has fallen.
  • HOW TO SHOVEL A DRIVEWAY APRON:  When shoveling, pile the majority of the snow to the left of your driveway (as you face your house). This helps when the snow plows come by...there will be less snow to be plowed in front of your driveway. 
  • BLOCKED DRIVEWAYS AND MAILBOXES:  Remember, the Township does not plow out driveways or dig out mailboxes.
  • HOW DOES SALT WORK?  Salt is usually applied prior to plowing to help make snow removal more efficient.  After the salt is applied, cars work the salt into the snow to help make the salt do its job.  Slush created by the salt and traffic can then be pushed off of the roadways.  Once solid ice mats are formed it is difficult to remove them with a plow blade. Salt is also applied after plowing to improve driving conditions. 
  • WHY IS LIQUID CALCIUM USED WITH THE SALT?  Salt becomes ineffective at temperatures below 17 degrees.  At 11 degrees, it becomes ineffective. Therefore, the Township utilizes liquid calcium to coat the salt to accelerate the meltdown process at lower temperatures during a snowstorm.  Liquid calcium combined with salt generates heat when it comes into contact with water. 
  • WHY CAN'T I LEAVE MY CAR IN THE STREET?  By removing your car from the street, plowing can be done most efficiently and prevents the car from being plowed in. It also protects the car from being splashed with slush and salt. 
  • WHAT ABOUT PORTABLE BASKETBALL HOOPS?  Basketball hoops should not be placed in the street at any time as they can present a hazard.


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