The Department of Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a pothole?

Our Public Works crews work diligently to address potholes on all municipal roadways.  If you become aware of one, please report it to us via e-mail at  

To allow us to accurately address your concerns, please be sure to include the following information:
1.  Name of street
2.  Direction of travel
3.  Nearest cross street or house/building number

For the most immediate response, you can report a pothole on a County road by calling the Monmouth County Highway Division of the Department of Public Works and Engineering at 732-431-6550.

You can report a pothole on a State road at


When is my garbage, single-stream recycling and bulk trash collected?

The Township is divided into four zones and all materials are collected by zone.  Check the alphabetized Street-Zone Index for the collection schedule for your street.

Holiday Schedule:
The Sanitation Division works all holidays except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. When New Year's Day or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday it is observed on the preceding Friday; if the holiday falls on Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday. 

Residents receive two carts for household garbage and single-stream recycling.  What do I put in the carts?

The green cart is for household garbage that originates in the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms, as well as small amounts of brush and garden debris, except grass and leaves.  The blue cart is for single-stream recycling materials such as cardboard, chipboard, glass, aluminum, plastic containers, newspaper and the inserts, mixed paper, envelopes, mail, flyers and other advertisements.

Single-stream recycling and household garbage must be in the appropriate carts for collection; material outside of the carts will not be collected.

How can I obtain more carts and is there a cost?

Applications for additional carts are available at the Public Works office or online.  Applications can be brought to the Public Works office or submitted by mail.  Applications must be accompanied by a one-time fee of $75.00 per cart.  Carts will be delivered to the address indicated on the application before the next scheduled collection day.

What can I do with grass clippings?

Residents may bring their grass, free of charge, to the recycling center located at the west end of Sunset Ave.             

It is recommended that the clippings be left on the grass to allow the nutrients to be absorbed back into the ground.  

Grass clippings are banned at the County landfill therefore the Department of Public Works cannot collect them.  Residents continuing to place grass clippings in the street may be issued a summons to Municipal Court.  Penalties can be up to a $1500 fine per day or 90 hours of community service.

Can I place weeds and debris from a garden out with my garbage?

Yes, weeds, flowers and other garden debris such as small amounts of brush can be placed out for collection with household garbage provided it is in the green garbage cart, or in up to two 45-gallon containers, weighing 50 pounds or less, which will be collected with bulk trash. Containerized leaves and grass are NOT collected.

When are appliances and metal collected?

Metal items such as washing machines, dryers and dishwashers are collected four times a year on the fifth Monday of the month. Metal items can also be taken to the Sunset Ave recycling drop-off center.

Due to Federal regulations, the Township no longer collects appliances that contain freon including refrigerators & freezers.  Residents are responsible for having the freon removed from the appliance.  When the freon has been removed, documentation (this could also be an invoice or receipt) certifying the removal of the freon must be presented to the Department of Public Works and the item can then be scheduled for collection on the next scheduled metal collection date.
For additional information on metal collection, please call 732-531-5001.

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. How can I safely dispose of these?

Unbroken fluorescent bulbs and CFL's may be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Tinton Falls.  Some local home improvement stores also have drop-off locations for the safe disposal of CFL's.  Broken florescent bulbs should be secured inside a plastic bag and placed in with your household garbage.

What is bulk trash?

Large items such as chairs, sofas, tables, bookshelves, mattresses, boxsprings and dried empty paint cans, plastic or resin lawn furniture are considered bulk items.  Items such as toaster ovens, dishes and glassware, pots and pans, and flower pots can be disposed of with household garbage.

Propane tanks CANNOT be collected with bulk trash or metal and are not accepted at at metal drop-off area of the Sunset Avenue recycling drop-off center.  Propane tanks, paint, motor oil, antifreeze and car batteries must be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste Facility in Tinton Falls.  An appointment must be made to bring items to the location; call 732-683-8686.

Which plastics are recyclable?

Recycle all plastic containers where the neck of the container is narrower than the body of the container, (milk, soda, water, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) contents can be easily cleaned by rinsing.  Containers that hold yogurt, cottage cheese and margarine for example, are produced by another process which makes it difficult to recycle and therefore are not recycled.

When are the collection days for single-stream recycling, household garbage and bulk trash?

Single-stream recycling and household garbage are collected on the same day every week using the zone schedule. Bulk trash is now collected once a month on Mondays determined by the zone in which you live. See the Street-Zone Index to determine your zone.

Why is recycling necessary?

Recycling is the law in New Jersey.  The elimination of recyclable materials from the waste stream will reduce the amount of landfill fees that the Township is required to pay.

How can I safely dispose of computers and other electronic equipment?

In compliance with the Electronic Waste Management Act all electronic equipment (e-waste) can be disposed of at the Sunset Avenue recycling drop-off center.  This includes computers and all of the peripherals, cameras, cell phones, DVD and CD players, microwave ovens, radios, televisions and telephones.

Where is the Sunset Avenue Recycling Drop-off Center located and what are the hours?

The drop-off center is located 3602 Sunset Avenue, at the west end of Sunset Avenue. The hours are Monday through Friday, except holidays, from 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  Saturday from 8am-12pm

What items can I bring to the Recycling Drop-off Center?

Items accepted are glass, plastic, aluminum, tin, all paper, cardboard and chipboard.  There are also collection areas for metals and non-Freon-containing appliances, electronics (detailed above) and grass.

There are no drop-off facilities for household garbage, brush, or household hazardous waste materials within the Township.

Contact Information

Dial direct: 732-531-5001