Housing Personnel

Nick Colalilo
Housing Official
extension 3356
email: ncolalilo@oceantwp.org
Handles Certificate of Occupancy and complaints in any of the apartment complexes

Karen Butler
Administrative Secretary
extension 3392
Coordinates activities for the office including certificate of occupancy, Landlord Registration and illegal occupancy. 

The role of Housing Division

The Housing Division conducts certificate of occupancy inspections for all sales and rental properties within Ocean Township. Everytime a house, townshouse, condo and apartment changes occupanices, an inspection goes out and conducts a housing inspection to assure that the unit/structure is safe to live in. They also assure that all construction permits taken out for any repairs, renovations, etc have been properly inspected and closed out. Housing Official also receives complaints and is responsible for the enforcement of the Township Revised General Ordinances, Land Development Ordinances and the Property Maintenance Codes. .

"Our mission is to attain compliance with Township codes regarding land use regulations and the maintenance of structures and premises through education, cooperation, enforcement and abatement to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer town."