Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program Overview

Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program


Establishing a program to demonstrate a more cost-effective and accurate process of property assessment administration.


5 Primary Components:


  1. Calendar Changes
  • Appeal Calendar: Annual Assessment Postcards mailed on Nov. 15th (pre-tax)
  • Assessment Appeal Deadline:  January 15th
  • Tax List Filed:  May 5th

     For a complete list of all calendar changes: click here (see page two)


  1. Annual Assessment Revision

     The Assessor is now required to complete an annual review and revision of all properties within the jurisdiction. 


  1. Revision Compliance

     The Demonstration Program provides the County Board of Taxation with the power to compel the implementation of revaluation, reassessment, and maintenance programs.


  1. Assessment Standardization 

The Demonstration Program will provide enhanced uniformity by requiring all municipalities within participating counties to utilize the same property assessment software.


  1. Education 

The Demonstration Program will require assessors within participating counties to obtain double the State’s present requirements for continuing education.


 The current real property assessment system fails to take full advantage of a collaborative system of property assessment between a county board of taxation, through its administrator, and the municipal assessors employed by each municipality in a county, that would result in a cost-effective and accurate process of real property assessment to benefit real property owners and property taxpayers.


The benefits of a more collaborative system of real property assessment would accrue to local property owners and property taxpayers through a system of a more precise, technology-driven real property assessment process that would ensure that each municipal assessor is using the same technology as his or her colleagues in assessing real property, and by modifications to the annual real property assessment calendar to better manage the assessment, and taxation, of real property in a manner that is more sensitive and responsive to the demands of the municipal budget calendar.


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