The Township of Ocean Recycling Center is up and running, thanks in part to a grant from the Recycling Enhancement Act’s Municipal Recycling Service Improvement Grant. 



Entrance off Sunset Avenue  

     View of collection areas from parking lot

         The configuration allows for separation between traffic from municipal operations and citizen traffic, while the facility will also help the Township manage the storage of materials awaiting transportation to processing facilities.

         Residents and businesses in town are now able to place all pourable plastics, glass, tin aluminum cans, cardboard/newspaper/magazines/junk mail and shredded paper into one compactor container for transportation and processing resulting in a monetary savings in hauling costs.   Recycling collections have always been driven by economics.  By implementing a single-stream recycling approach the Township can offset the diminishing markets for those materials.  For years the Township has received revenues from separating the recyclables but as the markets diminish it’s become too costly and isn’t worth the separation for the revenue the Township receives out of it. 

         Scrap metal and electronics continue to be separated and placed in individual containers.  We are now also accepting bulk waste and concrete (one CY per visitor).  By streamlining the facility and making it more user friendly the Township also expects to find a reduction in landfill fees paid for garbage disposal and save much needed landfill space.

         The facility is expected to accept recyclable materials from the Borough of Interlaken, Borough of Deal, Borough of Allenhurst and the Village of Loch Arbour in a shared services agreement with the Township of Ocean.   Currently, details of the shared services agreement are being worked out.    Personnel will staff the facility on weekends and weekdays to assist visitors in depositing materials where required.