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Department of Finance

The Department of Finance is comprised of three divisions:

  • Finance Administration
  • Tax Assessment
  • Tax Collection

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Department of Finance
Township of Ocean
399 Monmouth Road
Oakhurst, NJ 07755-1589

Richard Gartz
Director of Finance
732-531-5000 x 3330
Accounts Payable
Contact Ordering Department

Susan Healy
Tax Collector
732-531-5000 x 3340

William Laird
Tax Assessor
732-531-5000 x 3345

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The Finance Division develops, maintains and enforces a uniform system of accounts including forms, standards and procedures for all departments of the municipal government.  They control all receipts and disbursements of the Township and each of its departments.  They also maintain a central bookkeeping and account records according to sound accounting principles in accordance with the requirements of the State Division of Local Government Services. Finance assures that all bills approved for payment have been incurred with the authority of the Township Council. Additionally, they control all expenditures and commitments to be made on behalf of any department for conformity with State law. The Division of Finance Administration also makes recommendations to the Township Manager on the sale and award of Bond Anticipation Notes and other debt instruments including the principal amount, interest rate, maturities and price.


The Division of Assessments maintains adequate assessment records of each separate parcel of property based on market value and establishes and maintains such files, records and procedures as may be required for valuation and assessment pursuant to law.  They also maintain a current tax map of the Township as public record and maintain all changes in ownership or character of assessed properties. The Tax Assessor also defends the Township against County and State tax appeals.


The Division of Collections performs the function of collector of taxes and also serves as the collection agent for the Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority (TOSA), including the preparation and mailing of tax and sewer bills, collection of taxes levied and sewer charges through delinquency management and tax sale and the maintenance of tax and sewer collection accounting records. They receive and collect all current and delinquent taxes and sewer charges and receive penalties and interest according to law.