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Outdoor Facilities

Office Phone: 732-531-2600
Fax: 732-517-8567

601 Deal Road
(Inside the Department of Human Services)

Mailing Address
Department of Human Services
Recreation Office
P.O. Box 910
Oakhurst, NJ 07755

The Township of Ocean is home to a number of great parks and outdoor facilities available for use.

  • Joe Palaia Park – Dow Avenue and Whalepond Road, Oakhurst
  • Oakhurst First Aid & Fire Company Memorial Fields
    • off Larkin Place Oakhurst
  • Wanamassa Firemen’s Memorial Park
    • Rte. 35 to Sunset Ave heading west
    • Pass Seacoast Chevrolet on left and Pepsi on right
    • At top of hill take a left onto Brielle Ave.
    • Take right onto Hopewell Ave.
  • Dave Dahrouge
    • Park Blvd. & Logan Road, Wanamassa
  • Wayside Park
    • Green Grove Road, Wayside
  • Kepwel Property
    • Cold Indian Springs Road

Park Regulations:

Please be considerate of the following park regulations for the enjoyment of all who visit the facilities and do not hesitate to report any concerns regarding parks and playgrounds to the Department of Human Services at 732-531-2600.

  • Park Hours: 7:00 a.m. to sunset.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Please clean up after your pet.
  • Parking is permitted in designated areas only.
  • Golfing is not permitted on softball fields or soccer fields.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted within parks.
  • Please dispose of trash and recyclables using appropriate containers.
  • A complete listing of Park Regulations can be found in Chapter XVI of the General Ordinances of the Township of Ocean.

Download a Picnic and Indoor Facility Request Application HERE

Download a Field Request Application HERE

  Kepwel Property:

The Mya Lin Terry Playground is open to the public daily, from dawn-dusk.  Fishing, swimming, and all other water activities are not permitted on the property at this point. Please contact 732.531.2600 if you have any questions. 

 Tennis and Pickleball Court Reservation & Use Procedures: 

  • Courts at Dave Dahrouge, Wayside and Oakhurst Fireman's Field parks are open 8am to dusk. Courts at the Community Pool & Tennis Facility are open 8 am -10 pm.
  • Residents may reserve court time and must be registered in the CommunityPass system. Proof of residency may be requested.
    • Players are limited to 1 hour of reserved court time per day.
    • Reserve no more than 1 week in advance on CommunityPass.
    • Same-day reservations ARE NOT accepted.
    • NO tennis ball hoppers.
    • Walk-ons can play on a first-come basis if court is not previously reserved. Walk-on use is limited to 1 hour (on the hour) if others are waiting to play. Walk-ons must vacate the courts any time they are reserved.
  • Private/group lessons are not permitted without prior authorization by the Recreation Office.

Tennis And Pickleball Court Reservations Are Now Online


  • Access and log in to your CommunityPass account:
  • Click on Browse Activities button, then click continue next to Facility Reservations option.
  • Confirm primary contact and account information, then click on continue.
  • Verify email address and continue.
  • In the Facility Permits category, select Tennis/Pickleball Courts and continue.



  • Choose the date of your reservation. Same day reservations are not permitted.
  • Click on "day of the week" to continue, then select start time from drop down menu. Maximum of one hour per reservation.
  • Enter the number of attendees.
  • Click on the 3 tabs to approve the policy and agreements and then enter your name to show that you agree to the policies.
  • Complete your transaction. You will receive an email confirming your reservation.

 Oakhurst pickleball courts are first come, first served.  Before using courts, please read and follow the posted rules.


Disc Golf

Please note: Joe Palaia Park is a public, multi-use recreation area. Players must yield to walkers, cyclists, runners and other park patrons.

Official Rules

Course Map

Instructional videos


  • Groups should be no larger than five players.
  • If you notice that a group behind you is waiting for your group, offer to let them play through. Everyone should be able to play at the pace they desire, if possible.
  • If you notice a player on a nearby hole getting ready to throw or putt, and see that you are in their sight-line, stop moving and talking until they release their disc.
  • One big difference between ball and disc golf is that it is common for disc golfers to start on a hole other than Hole #1. This is okay, but if you do "jump on" in the middle of the course, take notice of the groups on the preceding hole(s). It is bad form to start on, say, Hole 7 if there is a group putting out on Hole 6. That group will suddenly have to wait behind a group that just jumped on. If you do "jump on" in the middle of the course, try to find a spot where you don't interrupt another group's flow.
  • If you feel compelled to share etiquette tips with others, make sure to choose your words and tone carefully.
  • If you see an errant disc from another hole disappear into the rough near you, take the time to give the unfortunate thrower an idea of where to look for the disc.
  • If you find an abandoned disc, attempt to reunite it with its owner.
  • Pack ALL of your trash, including cigarette butts, etc., and dispose of properly.
  • Stop moving and talking when another player reaches the tee pad. The player may not seem ready to throw, but everyone has their own pace and focus strategy and deserves silence and stillness when it's their turn. The same goes for putts and to a lesser degree upshots, since you may be standing far apart in the middle of a long fairway.
  • Stay perceptively behind the disc of whoever is out (the player whose disc is furthest from the hole.)
  • Don't talk about someone else's game unless they bring it up.
  • Don't talk about your game too much.

Download the UDisc app on your smartphone for a convenient score keeping tool, to learn the pars for each hole and more. Search for Joe Palaia Park in the "Courses" section.

Reminder: Joe Palaia Park is not solely for the use of disc golf players. It is a multi-use recreation area enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and runners. Players must yield to other park patrons.