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Landscaper Guidelines

These guidelines will assist you and your business to remain in compliance with the local and state regulations. Some of these tips will also help you reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Leaf & Grass Permits          Grass Permit Guidelines

LEAVES: Leaves are collected March 1 through April 30 and October 1 through December 31.  Leaves may be placed in the street only during the seven-day period prior to collection.  Schedules for putting out leaves and the collection is available in the Recycling Office.  Do NOT blow leaves into the lane of traffic.  Wet leaves in the road may create a slippery surface and therefore a traffic hazard.  Leaf piles must not extend more than five feet into the roadway.  Per DEP regulations, leaves must be at least ten feet from any storm drain.  LEAVES AND BRUSH MUST BE KEPT SEPARATE FROM EACH OTHER.  Keep garbage and other debris out of leaves.  Landscapers must pay a fee to utilize the Township Leaf Compost Facility.

BRUSH: Do not have piles of brush extend into the lane of traffic.  Be careful near intersections where sight distances may be hampered.  Do NOT mix brush with leaves or garbage.

GRASS: A permit is required for disposal of grass at the Township Recycling Drop-off Center on Sunset Avenue.  DO NOT PLACE GRASS AT THE CURB.  Summonses are issued for grass dumped at the curb.

This is the best way in which to manage grass clippings from lawns is to cut it and leave it.  The flyer from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection explains in detail the benefits of this lawn management process.

PERMITS REQUIRED: Display your Township grass permit and have leaf compost facility prepaid tickets on hand at all times if you use these facilities.  Failure to have permits present at the time of dumping grass or leaves may result in your inability to dump at that Township facility at that time.  The State of New Jersey imposes stiff penalties under PL 1970 C13:1E-9.3d regarding illegal dumping, which includes the forfeiture of the vehicle used in the act .

Do NOT mix trash or other debris (such as glass, metal etc.) with leaves, grass clippings or brush.  Non-vegetative debris does not decompose and interferes with the composting process, therefore making for an inferior end product.  Metal and glass may also cause damage to costly equipment.  Additionally, glass or metal may harm employees during the collection and processing of leaves, grass and brush.

SNOW REMOVAL: When plowing driveways, parking lots or other areas, be advised it is against Township Ordinance #3-10.5 to plow the snow onto public sidewalks or roads.

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