NJ Home Performance with Energy Star Program for Homeowners

Ocean Township has made an important commitment to help solve climate change and address our ongoing energy crisis. In partnership with the NJ Government and Sustainable Jersey, we have created the "Green Ocean Township" campaign. To coincide with this campaign, the Ocean Township Council has adopted an ambitious Energy Reduction Plan for our community, which has the goal of significantly lowering emissions. Accordingly, we have pledged to provide everyone in town with hands-on assistance to help cut energy bills, create a cleaner, healthier community, and protect our planet for future generations. If Ocean Township reaches its energy reduction goals, our community's efforts will become a model for future national energy programs.

For our residents, the NJ Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) Program, which can help homeowners qualify for up to $4,000 in cash rebates and up to $10,000 in zero-interest financing for home energy improvements that reduce energy use by up to 60 percent. To encourage Ocean Township residents to participate in the HPwES Program through New Jersey Resource (NJNG), the HPwES Program is offering a comprehensive home energy audit. After performing a home energy audit, your contractor will recommend possible home improvements to reduce energy use, and homeowners may qualify for the HPwES Program incentives. Audits include a comprehensive evaluation of each home’s current energy use and recommendations for improving energy efficiency in a cost-effective way.  Ocean Township cannot recommend any specific contractor to provide the improvements, nor can it guarantee that homeowners will automatically qualify for the cash rebates or financing. For more information, and to sign up for an energy audit through the HPwES Program, please visit http://www.njcleanenergy.com/hp or call New Jersey Natural Gas at: (877) 455-6564

Seniors and lower-income residents (Under 225% of the Federal Poverty Guideline) may qualify for FREE audits and recommendations through NJ Comfort Partners. A Family of four with an income of $57,938 or less can receive free air-sealing, insulation, duct-sealing, water heater and pipe insulation, HVAC equipment service, and more!  For more information, visit: http://njcleanenergy.com/residential/programs/comfort-partners/comfort-partners

Who Is Eligible?

For Comfort Partners:

Households with incomes less than 225% of the Federal Poverty Guideline as depicted in the following table:

Chart describing the eligibility of the program

Households that receive USF, Lifeline and/or Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD) are also eligible.

For Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES):

Single-family homes and townhouses, and residential buildings of 2-4 units (individual living spaces) are eligible for the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program. A townhouse is a single-family dwelling unit constructed in groups of three or more attached units in which each unit extends from foundation to roof and with open space on at least two sides.

Multifamily Eligibility Requirements

The EPA has determined that small multifamily (MF) building developments may participate in HPwES. The NJ HPwES program defines eligibility as buildings that:

  • are no more than three stories high; have single ownership,

  • have total building energy usage which is accessible through individual metering of the units within the multi-family structure, or a master meter at the building (as opposed to sites with multiple buildings heated by a central heating plant),

  • are made up of five or more units in a single building, or multiple buildings (each with five or more units), within a single geographic boundary and with a single property management structure.

Multifamily facilities that do not meet this criteria fall into the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) program, Pay for Performance, for energy efficient measures. Here is the multifamily flow chart as a reference.

The program will offer the following incentive structure for multi-family projects:

  • Improvement packages showing a minimum of 5% but less than 15% estimated total building energy savings will receive a per unit incentive of $500 not to exceed 50% of the costs of the approved measures used to calculate TES.

  • Improvement packages showing a minimum of 15% but less than 20% estimated total building energy savings will receive a per unit incentive of $1,000 not to exceed 50% of the costs of the approved measures used to calculate TES.

  • Improvement packages showing 20% or greater estimated total building energy savings will receive a per unit incentive of $1,500 not to exceed 50% of the costs of the approved measures used to calculate TES.

  • The total incentive amount for a multifamily project must not exceed 50% of the total costs of approved measures; approved measures are the same as for the single family houses and townhouses. If the total multifamily project incentive based on the above structure yields an amount greater than 50% of the costs of approved measures, the incentive amount offered will be lowered to the 50% maximum.

What Can I Expect to be Addressed by the Program?

  • Health and safety check (carbon monoxide levels, moisture, and indoor air quality problems)
  • Overall comfort level (cold/hot spots, indoor air quality stuffiness/stale odors)
  • Air sealing opportunities
  • Insulation levels
  • Heating system efficiency
  • Cooling system/central air conditioning efficiency, if applicable
  • Domestic hot water system efficiency

How Long Does it Take?

Typically, the installations are completed as soon as 90 days from your initial energy audit.

How Much Does it Cost?

The initial energy audit is $49, but for those eligible for Comfort Partners, the audit is FREE.

The program covers up to $4000 in improvements, and can finance up to $10,000 at 0% interest.

Is There a Contract or Obligation?

NO! After the initial audit there is no obligation to participate.

Who Do I Contact to Sign Up for the Program?

You can search for contractors here:


You may also contact New Jersey Natural Gas at (877) 455-6564

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