Direct Debit Payment Information

The Township of Ocean Tax Office Proudly Announces The availability of Direct Debit for the payment of Taxes and Sewerage Bills.

You now have the option of applying for Direct Debit to make your payment of your tax bill and or sewerage bill automatically every quarter.


  • No more forgotten payments.
  • No more worries about misplaced bills.
  • No more checks to write for taxes and sewerage bills.
  • No more embarrassing delinquent letters.
  • No interest charges of up to 18% on delinquent balances.
  • No more hasty, unplanned trips to the Tax Office to make payments.
  • Tax Payments Debited on the 5th day (or next business day if the 5th is a holiday or weekend) of the quarter due.
  • Sewerage Payments Debited on the 15th day (or next business day if the 15th is a holiday or weekend) of the quarter due.

To sign up, request an application form at the Tax Office or click the link below to download online. Then complete the form and return to the Tax Office with a voided check or savings account deposit slip and relax. We’ll take care of the rest.

Click here to download the form for Direct Account Debit Authorization for Automatic Quarterly Tax and/or Sewer Payments.

Click here to determine how to find your routing and account numbers.

If you need assistance with these forms, or if you need any additional information, please contact at our Tax Office at 732-531-5000.